Tyranny against ethnic Amharas slew 9 while injuring 20 In a small North Ethiopian town

In all but under the watch of the new PM of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, and the military which he claims to fully command, ethnic Amharas in Raya(a fertile land that was illegally annexed to Tigray from the province of Amhara along with Welkayit) are facing extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detention, among others, by Tigrian Police just for demanding their right to learn in their mother tongue(Amharic), and a restoration to Wello, Amhara province. 

Nine people were shot dead when Tigrian Police opened fire on peacfull protesters demanding their human rights in Alamata town, northern Ethiopia, while close to 20 are heavily injured, according to city elders and social media activists intensively reporting on the small town.  

Background : 1991—2018 

— In 1991, the TPLF regime annexed the Amharic speaking regions of Welkiet and Raya in to Tigray from Amhara draconically.

—Ethnic Amharas in Welkiet and Raya were deprived of self-adminstration.

—Education in Welkiet and Raya was enforced to be in Tigrigna. Pubs playing songs in Amharic will get  huge fines.   

— Hundereds were killed by Tigrian security forces while tousends died as a result of systematic repression tactics.  

—Committees advocating for the rights of the indigenous people of Welkiet and Raya were shot dead and incarcerated. 

Escaping targeted and systematic abuse, Amhara families continue fleeing from the Annexed region in to the neighboring Amhara.


As PM Abiy Ahmed continues to ignore atrocities passive aggressively, residents in the Amhara regional state and Addis Ababa, are poised to carry out a demonstration against Tigrian police and the irresponsible reticence of the Federal Government of Ethiopia headed by Abiy Ahmed and Demeke Hasen.

An all out war between Amhara(Popn : 50 Million) and Tigray(Popn: 5 Million) regional states could break out as the call for defending/liberating ethnic Amharas in the forcefully annexed provinces of Welkayit and Raya continues as tyranny by the notorious Tigrian soldiers exacerbates.

According to tach poll, 70% of young ethnic Amharas have gave up on peaceful means while over 90% are ready to march in to Tigray, to stop the atrocities at any cost.

Afraid of potential offense by Amhara fighters, Tigrians soldiers are setting up barricades and trenches just few meters off Tigray's boarder with Amhara.

Tigray, a region which fully relies on agricultural prodcuts from Amhara region could starve itself off should any regional trade war break out.

Amhara Democratic Party(ADP) , a hardline reformist along with Oromo Democratic Party and Southern Nations Democratic Movement, among others, is expected to deliver its harshest ever press conference about subsequent atrocitoes on ethnic Amharas living in the forcefully annexed provinces of Welkayit and Raya. 

" The atrocities againest ethnic Amharas in the annexed Amhara provinces must stop immediately in order for peace to prevail between the two regions, and across the country," said Ambachew Mekonen, member of the central committee of ADP.

ADP has called for an emergency meeting in Bahirdar; and it's inevitable that it will call for an emergency meeting with EPRDF. It's expected that provisional administrative frameworks will be excuted while long term ones will be planned immediately.  




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