Voice of Amara Radio - 02 Jan 2017

እናመሰግናለን! ለጏደኞች ህ አጋራ!

ይሔን ቪዲዮ አልዎደዱትም. ለምላሹ እናመሰግናለን!

ተጨመረ Raya
14,888 እይታ
Voice of Amara Radio - 02 Jan 2017

Please support Voice of Amara Radio ( የዐማራ ድምፅ ራዲዮ ) that has the mission of serving Amaras in Ethiopia and Diaspora. The facist ethnocentric Tigray-Weyane regime, which came to power over 25 years ago and labeled the Amaras as enemy, has been implementing a genocidal policy that is uniquely targeting the Amaras. This Media Center, a non-profit organization, promotes the respect of the fundamental human rights of Amaras in particular and all Ethiopians in general.

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